• Rotary Jam Filling Line

    Brief Introduction

    It is suitable for all kinds of edible oil, juice, seasoning etc. This series products apply electronic measuring mode and special liquid component to realize low foam volumetric filling and can realize non-contact filling under all temperature condition. Adopt ALCOA capping technology to realize full direction COP cleaning. Production varies from 3000BPH to 40,000BPH.

    Rotary Jam Filling Line

    Main Characteristics

    • 1

      It consists of gear,blowing dust systems, filling systems, bottle conveying device, quantitative guide, capping systems,electrical control,frame, etc.

    • 2

      Equipped with automatic fault shutdown function.

    • 3

      Just need to change a few spare parts can apply for varies of PET bottle shape.

    • 4

      Equipped with vacuumanti-drip device,effectively remove residual drop lets to prevent contamination of the bottle and equipment surface.

    • 5

      When there is no bottle, no opening valve and no taking cap; when there is bottle, automatic opening valve and taking cap

    UHT Jam Sterilizer

    UHT Jam Sterilizer:

    1. It is of high automatic degree, can automatically control and record from CIP cleaning to pipe sterilizing to sterilizing the material.

    2. It is of precise and reliable sterilizing temperature control, automatically control the affecting sterilizing temperature system such as steam pressure, flow and material flow.

    3. The inside of the material pipe adopts advanced polish technology, pipe joints automatically, pipe design realize complete automatically clean, and the whole process sterilizes, so to ensure the system aseptic.

    4. It is of strong system safety, the fittings all adopts reliable product with good capacity, the design values the human, safe equipment, and the steam, hot water and the material all adopts pressure protection methods and alarm system.

    Fruit Core Removing Machine

    Fruit Core Removing Machine:

    1. Fruit Core Removing Machine is designed to remove the core/pits/stones from various fruits like peach,olive,plum,greengage,etc,.

    2. After a series of processing,the fruit will become 2-3cm granules,which are beautiful and delicious,it is the favorite fruit machine for beverage, food industry.

    3. The fruit core remvoing machine is made of stainless steel 304,which is antirust and durable.

    4. The rollers and scrapers can be changed according to different fruits and the machine's running status.

    Fruit and Vegetable Washing Machine

    Fruit and Vegetable Washing Machine:

    1. The whole machine is made by full stainless steel. It is the special machine for washing & cleaning food.

    2. The vegetable and fruit in the water channel is scattered, rolled, cleaned and delivered under high pressure water and powerful bubble.

    3. The sand will fall to Isolation warehouse on the bottom and don't cause pollution again. The debris and worms on the water will be collected by net.

    4. Water recycling system is equipped under the conveyor belt. Filter sieve will stop the impurity to enter into the water tank. Then the purified water will be brought back to the washing machine, reducing significantly the overall water consumption.

    5. It consists of motor & speed reducer, water pump, air pump, conveyor belt, washing tank, water jet, water pipe, valve, control panel, etc.

    Belt Press Juicer Machine

    Belt Press Juicer Machine:

    1. The automatic belt press juicer machine is designed for the extraction of juice from produce including: apples, pears, quinces,, berries, watermelon and vegetables.

    2. The machine is completely made of stainless steel and food safe synthetic material. Very low maintenance. Easy cleaning.Operator control panel can be either left or right side.