Pet Juice Filling Line

    Brief Introduction

    RISTON Group has always aimed at offering the most advanced solutions on the market.Starting from the water filling equipment, we have learned to adapt to your needs, by enriching our offer. We are now able to provide high technology equipment and 360° lines for the Food, Beverage and Oil etc..Our worldwide team of highly skilled professionals are at your complete service, ready to deal with any kind of project or need you may have. Those of today, and those of tomorrow.

    Pet Juice Filling Line

    Main Characteristics

    • 1

      Full filling is to avoid the bottle from sinking after the bottle cooling off, and to decrease the dissolved oxygen to the utmost extent.

    • 2

      Reasonable structured storage hopper and material supply system keep the material in the constant flow speed, constant pressure and without frothing. Usually high position tank is adopted.

    • 3

      Perfect filling temperature control system.

    • 4

      Return tank system has the function of supplying the material automatically.

    • 5

      Perfect CIP system

    Washing Part

    Washing Part:

    1. Bottle neck technology, turn up to 180° washing.

    2. SUS 304 Stainless Material

    3. No bottle,no washing

    Filling Part

    Filling Part:

    1. Gravity filling, can adjust speed by PLC

    2. SUS 304 Stainless Material

    3. No bottle, no filling

    Capping Part

    Capping Part:

    1. Torque force capping

    2. SUS 304 Stainless Material

    3. No bottle, no capping

    Air conveyor(Free of charge)

    Air conveyor(Free of charge):

    1. Air conveyor is fixed on the floor, with fan installed on the top.

    2. Air filter is positioned at every entrance of air fan, to prevent dust blown into bottles.

    3. Bottles are held on the neck in the conveyor and transported into filling machine by blowing power.

    Flat conveyor(Free of charge)

    Flat conveyor(Free of charge):

    1. Energy saving. High efficient. Adapt to customer factory layout

    2. Special lubrication system, keep products clean, health, safety

    3. Extended service life

    4. Electric eyes design keep whole line running safety and quickly