Glass Bottle Wine Filling Line

    Brief Introduction

    Our bottling lines can offer charming solutions for wine, spirits, and any alcoholic beverage. Our lines can satisfy big bottlers and independent winery: we focus on long term conservation of the quality of wine and spirits at reduced investment costs.Our isobaric filling technologies can contemplate different degrees of fluxing and evacuation of the container and are designed in order to: maintain carbonation and minimize oxygen absorption, bacteria pollution, product loss and CO2 consumption.

    Glass Bottle Wine Filling Line

    Main Characteristics

    • 1

      Compact structures, perfect control system, simple operation, and high automation

    • 2

      It’s easy to change different bottle sizes by changing star wheels and guide rings, and adjust related height.

    • 3

      The whole machine adopts corrosion-resistant, long life-span and lubrication-free structures to reduce running cost. The part contacting product uses good quality stainless steel.

    • 4

      It adopts trough type sieving cap unsrambler, which can make caps in the same direction. Caps (cap lacking and cap full) are controlled automatically by installing sensors on cap barrel and slide way.

    • 5

      Overload protection devices are installed on bottle-inlet and bottle-out star wheel to ensure the safe running of the equipment

    • 6

      It adopts touch screen to realize human-computer interaction and it has strong expansibility. The running of the equipment can be clear at a glance.

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    Glass Bottle Wine Filling Line

    Glass Bottle Wine Filling Line

    Our state of the art filling and capping technologies are designed to maintain carbonation, minimize oxygen pick-up, pollution bacteria, beer lost, and CO2 consumption. Beer is respected either for the big bottling plants either for the nice beer producers, at the lowest production costs. We offer the most endearing labeling and secondary packaging solutions for clients success. Our turnkey plants are designed to offer the best efficiency in terms of flexibility and cost effectiveness with fast format change tools and robot palletizer islands.

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    Glass Bottle Wine Filling Line

    Glass Bottle Wine Filling Line

    Bottles driven by variable pitch screw are transferred to rinsing part through bottle-inlet star wheel. Nylon bottle holders nip the bottle necks and rotate 180°along a slideway to make the necks upside down. In certain area of rinsing part, the spraying nozzles spray water to rinse the internal surface of the bottles. After rinsing and dripping, bottles are rotated 180°again along a slideway to make the necks upward. Then bottles are transferred to filling part through the star wheel. Bottles will contact and lift the filling valves by bottle holder lifting device, thus filling passages are opened.

    Customized Part

    Glass Bottle Wine Filling Line

    Glass Bottle Wine Filling Line

    Glass Bottle Wine Filling Line

    Glass Bottle Wine Filling Line