5 Gallons Water Filling Line

    Brief Introduction

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    5 Gallons Water Filling Line

    Main Characteristics

    1. Advanced touch screen and PLC control system makes man-machine communication true.

    2. automatic control technology, the key electrical components are used in Japan's Mitsubishi, France Schneider, OMRON products..

    3. The handle of the machine can be freely and conveniently turned to adjust the machine to fill various types of bottles.

    4. compact structure, perfect control system and easy to be operated.

    5. The series of automatic production line equipment for pure water (PET) polyester bottles of various mineral water, purified water, alcohol and other non-carbonated beverage production and achieve red bottle, filling and capping in one machine.

    Rotary water filling machine

    5 Gallons Water Filling Line

    Main characteristics:

    1. Rotary pan is made of stainless steel 304.

    2. When filling the bottle, the bottle is move but the valve is stationary. The splint of bottle-neck seizes mouth of bottles. The elevator device with the action of gear realize the up and down of bottle

    3. The dropping cap guide track fixes the device which can protect the cap from turning over and also set the device which can take out the inverse cap, equip a photo electricity switch which can

    Linear type water filling machine

    5 Gallons Water Filling Line

    Main characteristics:

    1. This linear type automatic washing filling capping machine is suitable for all kinds of 3-10L bottle shapes (including the irregular-shape bottles.

    2. Using the wind sent access and move wheel in the bottle directly connected technology; canceled screw and conveyor chains, this enable the change the bottle-shaped become easier.

    3. This machine adopts computer (PLC) control, with high efficiency, precision measurement characteristics and is ideal packing machine for food, medicines, chemical products.