• 330ml-1L Water Filling Line

    Brief introduction

    As a necessity in daily life, water is needed with a great demand. How to produce water with higher speed, and how to make your water product to be outstanding in the market? RISTON takes into account every step of your water process, from minimizing total cost of your ownership to maximizing your operating efficiency.

    330ml-1L Water Filling Line

    Main Characteristics

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      Advanced touch screen and PLC control system makes man-machine communication true.

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      Automatic control technology, the key electrical components are used in Japan's Mitsubishi, France Schneider, OMRON products.

    • 3

      The handle of the machine can be freely and conveniently turned to adjust the machine to fill various types of bottles.

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      Compact structure, perfect control system and easy to be operated.

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      The series of automatic production line equipment for pure water (PET) polyester bottles of various mineral water, purified water, alcohol and other non-carbonated beverage production and achieve red bottle, filling and capping in one machine.

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      The handle of the machine can be freely and conveniently turned to adjust the machine to fill various types of bottles.

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    Main characteristics:

    1.Stable performance with advanced PLC control, touch screen, it is mainly made of SUS304/SUS316

    2.Automatic perform loading and unscrambling

    3.Strong penetrability and good and swift distribution of the heat by letting the bottles rotate by itself and revolute in the rails simultaneously in the infrared preheater.

    4. No contamination and low noise with the air cylinder to drive the action instead of the oil pump.

    5.Low energy consumption, heating capacity is adjustable.

    Filling Part

    Filling Part:

    Main characteristics:

    1.The water filling machine combines washing, filling, and capping.

    2.Advanced human-machine interface control,making the machine working functionally

    3.Suspension bottle neck catcher structure allows the machine change the bottle type easily.

    4.The magnetic torque is used for screwing capping in this water filling machine, the power of screwing capping can be adjusted,and the cap will not be damaged and the sealing is reliable.

    5.High speed large gravity flow valve filling valve,filling fast,filling accurate and no liquid lose.

    6.The main machine adopts advanced PLC control technology.Pivotal electrical parts use Mitsubishi, OMRON, and SIEMENS to water filling production line.

    RISTON-18 Years Experience

    High qualified personnel

    Embedded engineers

    professional consultant

    Maximum production efficiency

    up to date technology

    Comprehensive maintenance measures

    Tailor made service

    Critical spare & wear parts

    Bottles&shapes container design




    1.effectively get rid of muddy organic matter, color and smell, bacteria, and microorganism, heavy metal ion and chemical pollution contained in the raw water, reduce the hardness of the water to make all specifications of the water quality fully meet the state of fresh water standard of fresh drink water.

    Precision Filter

    Precision Filter:

    1. Stainless steel high pressure film shell.

    2. PP fusion spray filter element, wire-wound filter element, folding filter element, titanium filter element, activated carbon filter element, and other tubular filter elements are adoptable.

    RO System

    RO System:

    1. All the parts contact with liquid made of 304 stainless steel 316 stainless steel on request ,The pump nead and suction & discharge can be made of cast iron on request too.

    2. low energy consumption,no pollution, simple technique

    3. remove more than 97% of the soluble salt and above 99% of the colloid miaroorganism particles and organic materials

    Drink Mixing Machine

    Drink Mixing Machine:

    1. Beverage mixer is applied for carbonation and proportion mixing of various gas beverages (water, syrup, and CO2), such as lemon and Cola.

    2. The machine adopts injector for the addition of CO2 and Venturi injector for CO. The injector can keep constant flow all the time and ensure stationary flowing situation.

    3. The mixing proportion is accurate and easy for adjustment. With no need of parts replacement, the machine can realize the quick output adjustment and the proportion of syrup and water.

    Sugar Melting Pot

    Sugar Melting Pot:

    1. Be widely applied in food processing such as viscous syrup, jam, paste, medicine, dairy, alcohol, cake, sweetmeat, beverage, jam, paste, etc.

    2. Can be used to boil soup, water, cook food, stew and porridge. It’s also the best choice for heating and mixing thick products. It is considered to be the ideal equipment in the area of improving quality, shortening the time and improving working conditions.

    3. Usually made of food grade SUS304 or SUS316L.

    Mixing Tank

    Mixing Tank:

    1. Used self-aspirating instead of traditional mechanical air distributed, outside air source offered by air blower or compressor accordingly

    2. On top equipped various appropriate mixed slurry according to fermentation medium in fermentation tank, both aerator and agitator work together to ensure efficient supply of oxygen and bio-fermentation process working principle.

    3. on bottom installed aerator, star-shaped hollow by impeller and stator around composition of impeller.

    4. Used in high dissolved oxygen demand fermentation, especially suitable for high density, biomass and litter sensitive for shearing packing: soft cloth around


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