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    Water treatment reverse osmosis equipment

    Jan. 14, 2020

    Water treatment reverse osmosis equipment:

    When the RO desalination rate drops, the following steps should be taken: Calibrate the meter to avoid mistakes in membrane performance due to meter reasons; find out the membrane case where the desalination rate has dropped, and take corresponding measures based on the detected cause.

    ⒈Residual chlorine in water treatment reverse osmosis equipment is too high, which will cause membrane degradation and change membrane performance. This leads to a decrease in the salt rejection rate.

    ⒉If the RO system is not filled with water before starting, it will cause the first membrane element to come into contact with a higher flow rate of water, causing an excessively high pressure drop, or the outlet valve of the high-pressure pump will not open slowly when this happens. Water hammer action causes mechanical loss of membrane elements.

    ⒊Improper water temperature control, excessively high water temperature will cause membrane damage, high temperature will cause damage to plastic components of membrane elements, and the phenomenon of expansion and contraction of roll membrane elements will occur.

    Reverse Osmosis Machine System    Reverse Osmosis Machine System

    ⒋The reverse osmosis equipment system has a high recovery rate. If it is not operated at the specified recovery rate, it may cause more serious consequences.

    Assume that the concentrated water valve is not normally opened or the flow meter is inaccurate. If the concentrated water flow is too small, the recovery rate will inevitably exceed 75%. The concentration system will rise. At the same time, the lower concentrated water flow rate reduces the turbulent system of the water and increases the concentration polarization, which in turn increases the tendency to scale. The higher the concentration of concentrated water, or one or more of the insoluble salts will be supersaturated, which will precipitate in the membrane structure.


    ⒌Bacteria multiply in large numbers. When discontinuous operation or long downtime occurs and there is no bactericide in the feedwater of the RO system, there is a possibility of a large number of biological multiplications. When there is serious bacterial contamination in the reverse osmosis equipment system, if it is not cleaned in time, it will block the membrane flow barrier, increase the pressure difference of the membrane element, and seriously damage the membrane element.