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Water treatment purification equipment

Jan. 15, 2020

Composition and function of water treatment and purification equipment:

①Sand filter:

Stainless steel container, filled with fine quartz sand, mainly removes suspended solids and colloids in water, making the pollution index ≦ 2.

②Carbon filter:

Stainless steel container, filled with shell shell activated carbon, mainly removes suspended matter, colloid, color, residual chlorine and odor in water.

③Antiscalant dropping device:

It consists of plastic container, dosing pump, etc. It is filled with scale inhibitor, which mainly removes calcium, magnesium and metal ions in water to prevent scaling.

④Precision filter:

A precision filter is set in front of the reverse osmosis host to prevent impurities that could not be removed by the pretreatment equipment from entering the reverse osmosis.

⑤High-pressure pump: 

Water treatment and purification equipment chooses vertical stainless steel multi-stage centrifugal pump for pressurizing water to the reverse osmosis membrane.

⑥Reverse osmosis membrane: 

Its main function is to remove salts and bacteria in water. The reverse osmosis membrane in this system has a very high salt removal rate. Its biggest feature is its high resistance to pollution and chemical cleaning.

⑦High-pressure vessels: 

Using FRP products.

⑧Pure water tank: 

Stainless steel container, buffer pure water.

⑨Control system:

The host has the following capabilities:

Can be operated manually;

Rinse the membrane before each boot;

Pure water, concentrated water flow display;

Pressure display before and after membrane;

Adjustment of pure water recovery rate.

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