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PET bottle filling process line

Jan. 13, 2020

PET bottle filling process line

Pure water filling process line

Juice beverage filling process line

Gas beverage filling process line

Purified water filling process line requirements: 

Normal temperature filling is used. The filling valve used is a common water filling valve. The main equipment of this process line is a three-in-one filling machine, which is mainly composed of the following parts:

①Workbench components 

②Washer parts

③Filling machine parts

④Capping machine parts

⑤Wheel guide assembly

⑥Main drive components 

⑦Air inlet and outlet

⑧Electrical and control parts

The main working principle is that the PET bottle is conveyed from the air duct to the bottle feeding wheel, and the bottle is sent to the washing place by the bottle feeding wheel and the guide plate. The bottle is rotated 180 ° by the flushing cam to the bottle mouth, and the bottle The water pipe flushes the bottle. After the flushing is completed, the bottle is sent to the filling machine by the flushing-filling wheel and the guide plate for filling. The filling valve is opened or closed during filling and controlled by the lifting cam of the filling machine. After the filling is completed, the bottle is sent to the capping head of the capping machine by the filling-spinning wheel and the guide plate. The capping head is controlled by the capping machine lifting cam when the capping is completed. And the guide plate is sent to the bottle delivery conveyor, and then the bottle delivery conveyor line is sent to the finished product packaging workshop for packaging and offline.