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    Mineral water treatment equipment

    Jan. 15, 2020

    Note for installation of mineral water treatment equipment:

    ①Preparations before installation:

    ⒈The material budget must have a certain degree of accuracy (usually about 3% of the extra budget is used for the loss of engineering installation materials);

    ⒉Know the site before installation and make sure there is enough space for the equipment;

    ⒊The walking pipe should be horizontal and vertical to maintain the overall beauty. Before filling the filter material, adjust the distance of the jar and the proper position of the control head to prevent the jar from being moved after filling;

    ⒋Safety of installation equipment, saving of pipe fittings, easy to operate, firm and stable;

    ⒌After the mineral water equipment enters the production workshop, it should be safely placed indoors. The mineral water treatment equipment requires an indoor temperature of 5 ° C or more;

    ⒍Mineral water equipment should be installed as soon as possible, and then test water and test equipment;

    ⒎The mineral water equipment is not ready to test water and water, do not open all important valves;

    ⒏After choosing the position for placing the mineral water equipment, choose a stable support point for horizontal placement, and ensure that the machine can be fixed by auxiliary objects during the operation;

    ⒐If the pipes need to be connected, seal them;

    ⒑The maximum output height of the water pipe of the mineral water treatment equipment should be less than 8 meters;

    ⒒If the cleaning device and the RO device are connected by a hard pipe, the inlet and return pipes must not be laid directly on the ground to avoid damage.

    ②Installation precautions of membrane module:

    ⒈Check the pressure vessel for scratches or damage. The leaked vessel must be replaced. Rinse the pressure vessel with clean water to remove all dust and particles, and clean up corrosion products or external impurities (including excess lubricant). Lubrication in the shell from 1/2 of the inclined surface to about 1/2 from the inclined surface; 

    ⒉Check the surface of the membrane element for any defects. If there are any defects, handle them in time to avoid scratching the container.

    ⒊Lubricate the inside of the container with about 50% glycerol-water mixture. Use a cotton cloth of appropriate size to dip the mixture; 

    ⒋Install the first membrane element into the water inlet end of the pressure vessel, leaving the end of the element a few inches outside the vessel to connect the next membrane element; 

    ⒌Lubricate the O-ring of the connector with a small amount of lubricant, connect the connector to the next membrane element, and install the next membrane element; 

    ⒍Check that all external lines are securely connected.

    The normal operation of large-scale mineral water treatment equipment relies on detailed processing, and the equipment can be operated correctly. Correct operation is also an important condition for extending the service life of the equipment. Therefore, mineral water treatment equipment must be installed and debugged in strict accordance with the precautions.