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    Brief introduction of RISTON beverage machine

    Jan. 13, 2020

    Beverage filling machinery includes three process lines:

    ⒈Purified water preparation process line:

    The process line mainly includes the following equipment: raw water pump, raw water tank, pure water tank, quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter, precision filter, RO reverse osmosis unit, hollow ultrafiltration unit, ultraviolet sterilization and ozone sterilization device, the process The process is that raw water is filtered through quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter, etc. After entering the precision filter, it enters the hollow ultrafiltration unit. The ultrafiltration membrane can separate heavy metals, pesticides, bacteria, viruses, impurities, etc. in the water, and discharge it through the wastewater pipeline. Water tanks pass ozone through pure water tanks and then sterilize them to make the water quality safer and healthier.

    ⒉Beverage preparation process line:

    The process line mainly includes the following equipment: high-temperature multifunctional extraction tank, duplex filter, temporary storage tank, puree tank, beverage pump, blending tank, homogenizer, UHT high-temperature sterilizer, finished thermal insulation tank, etc. The process is to extract the juice components in the raw materials required for preparing the beverage through a high-temperature multifunctional extraction tank, first filter out the fruit residue in the juice through a dual filter, and then send it to the temporary storage tank through the sanitary pipeline, and then pass the sanitation The pipeline is sent to the original pulp tank, and the blending tank is input through the beverage pump and pure water pump. The blended beverage is thoroughly mixed by the homogenizer, and then enters the finished thermal insulation tank through the sanitary pipeline after UHT high temperature sterilization.

    ⒊Beverage filling process line:

    Including PET bottle filling line, glass bottle filling line, can filling line.