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Brief Introduction

RISTON QXG series barreled water filling line is mainly used to produce bottled water with volume from 3 gallon to 5 gallon.And different moldes can offer production capacity from 100 to 2000B/H.The whole production process operates as follows:Empty barrel are conveyed stably by conveying belt into decapping machine,which will remove bottle caps,Those caps can be recycled after being cleaned and disinfected.Then barrel are conveyed into the extemal brush washing machine to take all-round rinsing with hot alkali and pure water.After rinsed,barrel will be sent to rinsing filling capping machine,where bottles are rinsed inside with hot alkali,disinfect liquid and pure water,and then barrel is filled with pure water provied by water treatment system.Then after capped,those barreled water is sent to shrink packing machine in which shrink packaging of caps is done.The whole production process is controlled by PLC,so this barreled water production line is automatic,through control panel,users can monitor visually working conditions of each machine section and operate conveniently.

Production Description

1.This China Drinking Water Filling Machine adopts advanced PLC human machine interface control. All components from world famous brand.

2. Suspension bottle neck catcher structure is adopted in this machine, that ensures the flexibility of different bottle changing. By changing filling valves, this machine can also be hot filling machine.

3. Rinsing part is spring type and it can wash both inside and outside of the bottle.

4. Filling valve uses high accuracy pressure mechanism, in order to make sure the height and quantity of the water filling.

Barreled Water Filling Machine Barreled Water Filling Machine

5. The magnetic capping device ensures tightness and prevents damage to the lid,and the capping decoder does not damage the lid.Photoelectric sensors detect missing caps,eliminating spillage of uncapped bottles.

6. Built in safeguard machanism ensures the safety of operator and machine.

7.Use air clean filter system to ensure high sanitary requirements.

8.Self-lubricating system provides continuous and smooth operation.

9.The machine use high quality stainless steel.

Barreled Water Filling Machine Barreled Water Filling Machine

RISTON Turnkey Project

Beverage Filling Machine Wholesale, Filling Machine Suppliers——RISTON BEVERAGE MACHINE. This beverage filling line consists of five steps: preform feeding, blowing, labeling, filling and cap feeding. Those five parts integrates into a single system, provide customers with continuous production optimization and performance enhancement.

Barreled Water Filling Machine

Slide way Can Washer:

It consists of an inlet turnover, a sprinkler, an exit turnover, a rack. The empty cans unloaded from the empty tank unloader enter the slide of the machine. Due to the drop and the gravity of the empty can, the empty can slides down the slide by itself, and the empty can is inverted when it slides down into the can. At this time, the water tank is sprayed with water to the tank to wash the empty tank. The empty cans continued to slide down to the cans and turned over again, turning the cans up again and entering the filling operation.

Barreled Water Filling Machine

The Coding Machine:

This coding machine is a batch coding machine designed for high-speed applications and around the clock operation.It is the standard for high throughput coding applications in production environments around the world.Long running time between preventive maintenance up to 12,000 hour core life.Automatic cleaning print head for fast start ups, even after extended shutdown.Laser coding machine has higher coding speed. The coding speed can reach to 7000mm/s.Higher coding efficiency to integrate with different production lines. No consuming materials. You just need to change wearing parts occasionally, no pollution to environment.Easy to operate, having powerful software to make coding flexible and convenient.Long working lifetime, suitable for long and continuous working. Permanent signs and marks for stronger anti-fake functions. Laser coding machine is a cost-effective coding machine.

Barreled Water Filling Machine

Blowing Dryer:

The automatic air knife dryer is mainly used to dry the bottle after filling , and then labeling.It uses a stirring hot fan and a circulating hot air knife. In addition to the environmental protection and energy saving advantages of the hot air circulation, it can directly heat, control the temperature, adjust the air volume and the wind direction, and achieve hot air drying more quickly and more uniformly. , heat shrinkage, heat treatment effect.

Barreled Water Filling Machine

Automatic packaging machine:

The packaging system is an intelligent automatic cartoning machine, which uses a high-speed distribution device to package various containers, packaging plastic flat bottles, round bottles, irregular shaped bottles, glass bottles of various sizes, round bottles, oval Bottles, square cans and paper cans, etc., are also applicable to boxes with partitions. The bottle body is clamped by the bottle holder and placed in the opened carton. When the gripper is lifted, the carton is discharged and sent to the sealing machine. The machine is controlled by a PLC touch screen. This assembly line is very convenient for operation, management, reduction of production personnel and labor intensity, and is an indispensable equipment for automated scale production.

Barreled Water Filling Machine


The palletizer is a carton that has been loaded into a container, placed on a pallet, a pallet (wood, plastic) according to a certain arrangement code, and automatically stacked, can be stacked in multiple layers, and then pushed out, so that the forklift can be transported to the warehouse for storage. This equipment adopts PLC+ touch screen control to realize intelligent operation management, which is simple and easy to master. Can greatly reduce labor and reduce labor intensity. The palletizing machine is a device that automatically transports the material bags, cartons or other packaging materials conveyed by the conveyor into the crucible according to the working mode of the customer's process, and transports the material into the crucible.

Barreled Water Filling Machine

CAD Configurations:

Barreled Water Filling Machine

Barreled Water Filling Machine

Our Factory:

Barreled Water Filling Machine

    ZHANGJIAGANG RISTON BEVERAGE MACHINE CO.,LTD is located in the Yangtze river delta region in the south of jiangsu golden waterway, specializing in the production of complete sets of water filling equipment, fruit juice filling equipment, carbonated beverage filling equipment, labeling & packaging equipment, bottle blowing equipment, drinking water treatment equipment, and kinds of auxiliary machines and so on.

    In order to meet different demand of domestic and abroad water beverage beer industry, RISTON company develop varieties of intelligent full automatic filling production line. Machine system development force is strong; Machine system design is advanced; Spare parts of the machines are high precision; Before-sales and after-sales service is perfect. We have a clear division of labor in the organizational structure and a positive culture. RISTON will provide you a complete set of turn-key project, make you save time save labor save money.  

    RISTON can Provide the Whole Factory Design, Machine Manufacture, Installation & Debugging, Beverage Formula, Production Instruction, Technician Training, Purification workshop planning, After-sales Maintenance, Lifelong Technical Support One-stop Service and turn-key project.

    If you want to produce high quality water or beverage, please choose RISTON beverage machine, RISTON can make you realize the lowest ownership cost, the longest machinery use life, make your water or beverage be inexhaustible wealth.

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Barreled Water Filling Machine

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Barreled Water Filling Machine